Our research on animal communication has been featured in the national and international news outlets several times over the years. Here’s the links to the news articles on our research:

Akçay et al. 2014: Personality affects honest signaling: Nature News, UW News, Seattle PI, Spektrum der Wissenschaft (in German), Bild der Wissenschaft (also in German), The Scientist

Akçay et al. 2013: Type matching is an early honest signal in song sparrows: UW News,Popular ScienceDaily Mail (UK), KUOW (NPR), NSF Science Now

Akçay et al. 2010: Song sparrows distrust aggressive neighbors based on eavesdropping: BBC Earth News

Templeton et al. 2010: Juvenile sparrows respond preferentially to eavesdropped interactions. Daily TelegraphBBC, Spektrum der Wissenschaft (German, paywall)

Mike Beecher’s long term research in Discovery Park was also featured in Seattle Times